Augment your world with the new Peaks 3.5!

Powerful yet easy to use

Simply hold the iPhone camera in the direction you're interested in and voila! You instantly get the name, location and altitude of the peaks you're looking at. Whether hiking or biking, this is a great app to have along on your trip.

Worldwide coverage

Peaks comes preloaded with over half a million peaks from around the world. Don't let the weight of your iPhone fool you; they're all in there. That means no roaming charges when you summit that fantastic peak across the border.

Pictures and more

Capture the moment... and the name of those peaks with an augmented photo. Or browse through all the peaks around you in the map view or searchable database.

What else can you do with Peaks?

Perfect tool to answer that age old question in the mountains – what is that peak over there?

Peter Buck, Mountaineering Guide, Scottish Highlands